Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cell Phone Layout

This is another layout from the Design Your Life class I am taking online. This was last week's "Real World Color" assignment. Cathy Zielske finds a color combination in the real world, then gives us a sketch and we have to use the given color combination and sketch (we can adapt the sketch, of course) to make our page. This lime green, red, grey and white combination was something she spotted in the outdoor decor of a hip bistro near where she lives. I changed the red to more of a cherry red, but otherwise followed the assigned combination of colors.

Cathy had done her "example" page about the day she got her daughter a cell phone, and it made me realize that I had never done ANYTHING on my older son and his cell phone, which he's had for two years now. It really cracks me up how much teens love their cell phones and can't seem to exist without them, so that's what I journaled about. Oh, and that font I used for the title? It's called Rough Draft and it's available free on the internet. I was looking through some old pages and saw one using that font, which made me remember how much I've always liked it for a title.

I have a really nice DSLR camera, and frankly, I often forget about many of the features it has unless they are features that I use all the time. It just does soooooo many things! Cathy uses a lot of black and white photos, and seeing her pages made me realize that I haven't taken very many monochrome shots lately. So I set my camera to capture images in black and white, and rediscovered that my camera has a very cool feature -- the ability to "tint" the monochrome image so it is very subtly sepia, blue, green, or purple. The instruction manual gives tips on when you'd be likely to use each color tint, which is very helpful. Anyway, I played around with the monochrome settings and vowed to take more black and white photos in the future!

So, with three weeks under my belt in this class, I can say that I am keeping up without too much trouble, I'm learning and reinforcing design principles, and I'm learning all kinds of related things, too (like the monochrome settings on my camera). Great inspiration!

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